Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poonthanam and Mangattachan

Poonthanam happen to cross a forest on his way to his lord Guruvayurappan where once he attacked by thieves.  He without any hesitation given off everything he had. But refused part with his Bhagavatham book.  He said it was only a book which the thieves not accepted.  They shout at him and about to kill him, then  suddenly Poonthanam closed his eyes and chanted his lord's name.  Suddenly from other direction they heard a sound of horse coming towards them. That made them flee the scene.  Poonthanam saw a young fellow riding in a horse, approached him. It was none other than minister of then Zamoori Rajah, Mangattachan. Poonthanam was very happy that he escaped from the thieves and gifted Mangattachan the ring he had.

Then Mangattachan took him to the right way to Guruvaryur temple and left.  That night guruvayur priest got a dream in which lord said that when Poonthanam comes give him a ring which is in his idol. That day when he opened the door of the temple, the priest surprised to see a new ring in the idol as per his dream and chanted loudly "Hare Narayana Narayana" and returned that to Poonthanam.   Guess who came to save Poonthanam........